Property and Renovations

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UPDATE! We have moved into the front building (the house). Entrance is in the rear through the vestibule. We currently have one exam room designated as a surgery/dental area while the back building is under construction. The back building is where we will perform surgeries, dentals, and take x-rays.

House/Front Building

The oldest section of the property was built in 1795 as a spring house. In 1888, a fire necessitated much of the house be rebuilt. Additions have been made to the house as recently as the 1990s.

The building behind the house was originally a chicken coop, though no records have been found indicating when it was built or renovated. That building has been a veterinary practice since 1964, first under Dr Fischer, then Dr Sanders, and now Dr Gallagher.

Back Building


Currently, we are working out of the front building only while construction on the back building is completed. The first floor has two exam rooms (one is currently used for dentals and surgery), one comfort room, reception area, break room, and office.

The second floor is an apartment, allowing for an employee to live on the property. The back building, when finished, will feature space for treatment, surgery, radiology, dental, and basic baths.