Two notes regarding the government shutdown:

Dog leaning on suitcase

1) Along with his license to practice veterinary medicine, Dr. Gallagher is also accredited by the UDSA to complete International Health Certificates for dogs and cats traveling abroad. He submitted the appropriate renewal paperwork but those responsible for processing are on furlough, and if the government does not reopen [and catch up] in time, his ability to issue International Health Certificates will lapse on February 28, 2019. Please plan accordingly! **This only affects International Health Certificates, not his general license to practice.**

2) If you are a government employee not being paid or furloughed due to the shutdown, we do not want your dog or cat to go without appropriate care. Contact us and we’ll work out a payment plan. You will need to show your Federal Government work ID.

(Photo by taniadimas via pixabay)

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NarBark Dog Parade, June 1, 2018!

We have a table for the Narberth Dog Parade on June 1, from 6pm-8pm. Bring your pups for the [costumed] parade or to stroll through! We’ll have $1 raffle tickets* for various items and services like flea/tick prevention medications, heartworm testing and prevention meds, exams, and blood work.

Stop by to say hi and to meet everybody from Villanova Veterinary Hospital!

*All proceeds from our raffles are going to a local non-profit animal group

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